Qwest Brings Land Lines into the 21st Century

Today, Qwest Communications launches an Internet portal that allows users to access and see what’s happening on their home phones. Dubbed qHome, the service allows users to see who’s calling their home phone, listen to voicemail, forward messages, manage their contacts and place a phone call, all from the Internet. Users of Windows Live Messenger can also tweak their settings to get an Instant Message when someone calls their home phone.

For those of you who still have land lines, this is kind of a nifty feature that gives a little more control and access to a home phone without having to dial in for messages. Unfortunately, the service only works right now in Colorado and will be rolled out to the rest of Qwest’s customers later this year. More limits include the need for a customer to have both a Qwest land line with Caller ID and VoiceMail and DSL package as well as Windows Live, q.com, msn.com or hotmail account. This isn’t going to convince people to sign up for a land line, but it might keep those who are considering a rival cable or VoIP service happy with Qwest.