Vid-Biz: Sling, Dark-Rumped Petrels, Netflix

SlingCatcher Officially Launches; functionality includes controlling video from local or remote SlingBox without a computer, moving audio and video from a PC to the TV and the soon-to-come (Zatz Not Funny)

Hawaii Considers Pushing Up DTV Transition Date; nesting habitat of the dark-rumped petrel bird could see the state bump the transition date up by a month, to Jan. 15. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Netflix Adds Blu-Ray Fee; company adding $1-a-month fee in exchange for providing unlimited access to Blu-Ray titles. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Warner Bros. Expands Motion Comics; slightly animated versions of Batman: Black & White and Superman: Red Son being developed. (Sci-Fi Wire)

Portable TVs Left Behind in the Digital Switch; used during power losses and emergencies, 7 million battery-powered TV sets could be useless as digital converter boxes need to be plugged in. (USA Today)

It’s Funny Because it’s True? Fake United Talent Agency job listing site posts the following tid-bit (we’ll leave it to the comedy sites to judge). (UTA Joblist (Fake))