Weekend Reading: Arianna Huffington Gets The New Yorker Treatment

imageArianna Huffington’s had cameo appearances in The New Yorker before, but the Oct. 13 issue is pure star treatment — all 10,279 words (if my word count check is on target) and a full-length photo. Star doesn’t mean glowing but it does run a little gushy at times, leavened by lots and lots of details. Pour some ouzo or make a nice pot of tea because this one will take you a while. One quick Huffington Post-related excerpt:

“The site has been a triumph. Since the launch, Huffington and Lerer have raised eleven million dollars. This year, they began to hire reporters and started a local bureau in Chicago; at the Democratic National Convention, they set up a lounge, providing free yoga lessons and facials to conventioneers. (And, presumably, to potential buyers. A recent Times article cited a sale-price estimate of the company at two hundred million dollars, though Huffington says that there are no immediate plans to sell.)”