Next2Friends streams live video from a BlackBerry


Looking to get your BlackBerry invited to the live-streaming scene? Qik is out of the question because it only supports Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile devices for the time being. However, Next2Friends just announced support for their competing service on the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl handsets. The company already supports Symbian S40 & S60 devices as well as Windows Mobile 6 handhelds.

You’ll have to sign up for the free service first and then you can download the app to your ‘Berry. Once installed, you can stream live video from your phone and of course the content is recorded and stored for future viewing as well. Next2Friends complements the video streaming service with online chat, video messaging and other social network features. People don’t normally think of the BlackBerry as a multi-media or content creation device, but an app like this could change opinions. If you’re going to Next2Friends, or a competing service for that mattery, you’re going to want an unlimited data plan. Oh… and a camera in your phone.