Twitter With Your Favorite Productivity Web Apps

In an effort to justify the time that I spend on Twitter, I am always looking for ways to be able to claim that I use it for more productive purposes.

I am finding that many of the more popular web services have recognized that Twitter is becoming a communication hub of sorts. This leads to some great connection functionality built right into their apps that lets users get at their data from within Twitter. If you’re spending quite a bit of time in a Twitter client anyway, having the ability to quickly access or add to your info without needing to load another app can be significant.

So here are some of my favorite, or otherwise notable, applications that let me tweak every last bit of productivity I can from my Twitter time.

Toodledo – My task manager of choice has outstanding Twitter integration. I can add and retrieve tasks via SMS or any Twitter client, as well as receive reminders the same way. This is particularly handy when people tweet something that requires me to follow up or is something that I may want to revisit later. With a quick copy / paste I can retweet an item right to my to do list.

Twitter to Toodledo Example

Remember The Milk – Another favorite to-do list also offers considerable Twitter support among its many features. Their functionality appears to be as rich as Toodledo, if not even more so.

Joint Contact – Aliza shared her thoughts about Joint Contact and their Twitter integration back in July. It seems like such a logical feature for this type of application, I am really surprised that similar functionality hasn’t made it’s way into other Project Management and Collaboration tools like Basecamp.

I Want Sandy – It’s not surprising that Sandy is so handy at using Twitter as the whole application is geared towards getting information to and fro quickly and easily. Twitter is just one of the many remote data integrations available.

Twittercal – It’s a third party tool that allows you to easily create events on your Google Calendar via a Direct Message. I like that it uses Google Authorization methods and doesn’t require my Google password. I wish it would allow me to add things to more than my default calendar though. As of now, I need to go in and manually edit most of them (which does sort of defeat the purpose…) Admittedly, this is apparently a limitation for Google’s own SMS integration as well.

I found the majority of these integration solutions to be quite robust. The syntax required can sometimes be a bit cryptic but taking the time to learn and master it can really be a productivity booster.

Does your favorite app work with Twitter? What service do you think would benefit most from this type of functionality?