VooDoo Envy 133 reviewed- battery life not so good

Voodoo_envy_gizmodoI have been lusting after a VooDoo Envy notebook since seeing them a few months back and that hasn’t abated, even after seeing this hands-on review at Gizmodo.  Their reaction to the VooDoo is probably what mine would be, even with abysmal battery life it’s just so darn cool. The Envy is not cheap either but then you get what you pay for.  It is one of the coolest, thinnest powerful notebooks you will see and I want one.  The poor battery life is offset somewhat by having a removable battery, unlike that Air from Apple.  The cool power brick that is also a WiFi router is one of the most innovative and useful things we’ve seen for a while.

VooDoo also realized that thin notebooks have a problem at times when you are typing and the trackpad senses activity making the cursor move when you don’t want it to.  The engineers at VooDoo dealt with that problem by making the trackpad shut off when the unit senses you have both hands on the keyboard which is another cool feature.  There is also a Splashtop-like VIOS that lets you get into web stuff without booting Windows, something we should start seeing from many vendors.

What was Gizmodo’s final verdict?  Even with the poor battery life apparently pretty good:

Overall, I can safely say that this was the most satisfying experience I’ve had with a Vista notebook, and I’ve tried quitea few. Even while I was prepping this, my Mac started acting funny andI realized that if I had to switch to it full time, it would be farfrom disastrous. The only reason besides the questionable battery lifethat I am not gushing is that this laptop costs a hell of a lot ofmoney. The fairly basic config with an 80GB 4200rpm hard drive that Itested starts at $2,450, and the 64GB SSD versions don’t even kick intill $2,900. (The most barebones unit available is $2,100.) If thesebabies could come in even $500 lower, I could see a value proposition,but as it is, it’s too high a price, especially when something thisnice is still so far from perfection.

Check out the full review which has many very nice photos of the Envy.  I still want one.