Yuuguu Inside: Screensharing Comes to Gmail & Google Talk

Yuuguu is a favorite amongst Web Worker Daily’s writers, with new features being added continuously to the popular screen-sharing service, largely driven by the real needs of its users.

Around a month ago the company added Linux and Flash clients, but I suggested that this perhaps needed to be enhanced with Yugma-style plugins for existing social networks.

Fortunately, Yuuguu’s been thinking ahead and at this week’s The Future of Web Apps in London, announced that Gmail and Google Talk users will be able to invoke Yuuguu screensharing sessions with existing contacts, rather than those within the Yuuguu client. Coupled with the earlier launch of a Flash-based viewer, this helps to broaden the usefulness of the service as its reach extends beyond previous technical barriers.

Google Talk is available from within a bunch of Google’s services, including Gmail, Google Apps For Your Domain and iGoogle, potentially drawing in many more users to Yuuguu, but also signalling that other IM networks, such as Yahoo, AIM, Skype and MSN might be part of the company’s plans.

Following the quick-start guide, existing users will need to update their Yuuguu client to take advantage of Google Talk integration and will need to enter their Google account details into the client’s preferences.

Once configured, your Google Talk buddies will appear alongside Yuuguu buddies in the client and you can simply click on any combination to invoke a screen-sharing session. Other participants are each messaged a URL which starts Yuuguu’s Flash client in each user’s browser (as illustrated above). It’s a simple and elegant process that appears to work well.

Find out more at the company’s Google Talk information page.

Interestingly, Yuuguu is now stating that it’s beta phase is complete, gaining over 100,000 users and is planning premium versions for release in 2009.