MySpace Expands Self-Serve MyAds Display Ad Service

imageMySpace’s hyping up its expanded self-serve ad service like the second coming of, well, *Google* AdWords. After being in test for almost a year, the company is launching its MySpace MyAds product in open beta tonight.
The social network has been using what it calls hypertargeting to allow its brand advertisers capability to micro-target users with ads. But this expanded MyAds platform will allow anyone to create an account, choose from among 1100 niche categories, upload/choose creatives and start an ad campaign, targeting the 76 million U.S. MySpace users. This is a display ad system, unlike *Google*’s text based ad system (at least on its own site), but like *Google* and others, is a CPC system. Also, like *Google*, it has build an analytics tool for the self-serve users…from the screenshot I saw, it does look a lot like *Google* Analytics.
It hypertargeting service allows advertisers to target ads based on the interest that MySpace users display on their profile pages. The new MyAds service allows targeting parameters such as age, sex, geographical location, combining it with user interest categories including specific keywords within each category. For example, within the