Create Your Own Ringtones With YouTones iPhone Ringtone Creator

We’ve shown you ways to create ringtones for your iPhone using your Mac, but with the newly released YouTones ($4.99) application from FunMobility, you can now make them on your iPhone. YouTunes is already an established name in the ringtone industry, having previously been available for other handsets on most networks, including AT&T and Verizon Wireless.
Making ringtones with YouTones is, as the name implies, mostly about you. You singing, you swearing like a drunken sailor, you doing pretty much anything you can record with the iPhone’s mic. Yes, we realize how dangerous this could be. But it could also be a lot of fun, plus it’s cheaper than buying ringtones from iTunes at a buck a pop, and you don’t need to be near your Mac if you’re struck with the impossible-to-resist urge for a change in your call notification habits.

The app sports a nice background/splash screen, and the home page that pops up tells you exactly what to do to get started: pick a theme, record, download or share. Themes are effect sets that transform your voice. Examples include “Crazy Toad,” “Cousin Billy Bob,” and “Drill Sargeant,” and each sounds pretty much like what the name would imply. There’s even “Dark Lord,” and you’ll never guess who it sounds like. Hint: it rhymes with “Darth Nader.”
Overall, kind of silly and pointless, which describes most of the app store. Handy if you really want to annoy the heck out of your friends by setting your ringtone to “Breaking news, I’ve just received word that…yes, it looks like I am indeed receiving a phone call.” using the News Story theme. Which will never get old. Ever.