DECA Aims for Teens, Signs SMOSH

New media studio DECA announced today that it has become the exclusive business and production partner for YouTube darlings SMOSH.
SMOSH is Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, whose manic comedy videos have made the duo the third most subscribed YouTube channel, with more than 555,000 subscribers and more than 9 million streams a month.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but according to the press announcement, DECA will provide the web video stars with financing, ad sales, marketing, distribution and other business development as SMOSH tries to move beyond just being a YouTube partner into becoming a real business.
Perhaps seein’ gold in them thar Mileys and Efrons, it looks like both SMOSH and DECA are trying to build their very own web version of a Disney-like entertainment empire. In the press announcement, DECA CEO Michael Wayne highlights Padilla and Hecox’s “clean, funny content” and says he wants to build them into a “premier teen brand.” Makes sense given that SMOSH’s manager is the former president of TV animation at the Mouse House.
This is DECA’s third venture with high-profile web personalities. This studio is behind Boing Boing TV, and just this past summer it signed Diggnation’s Alex Albrecht (no relation) to create his new show Project Lore.