Hulu Envy: SNL Planning Standalone Site; So Does HBO

imageNBC Universal (NYSE: GE) is looking at launching a standalone site for Saturday Night Live, high on its success with SNL clips on Hulu and in this election season, reports B&C. Though the plans are still in early stage, the site could include SNL’s current sketches library, as well as dress rehearsal skits that have never aired, the story says, and would also feature additional original comedy from the cast. The idea is similar to what Viacom’s (NYSE: VIA) Comedy Central has done with The Daily Show and Colbert Report, with their own standalone sites. My two cents: SNL beyond the election skits still sucks, so stick to the knitting, don’t get into the rights-clearing quagmire, and keep pushing on Hulu and NBCU is a founding partner in Hulu, along with Fox.
Meanwhile, others not part of Hulu are also considering their own standalone site, or at least beefing up their present ones. We have mentioned about Universal Music Group’s plans to develop a Hulu-like site for music videos. According to AdAge, HBO’s on-again-off-again digital strategy now includes developing a video portal at, with show offering clips and some full episodes.