Flip To Go HD in Time for the Holidays

Written by Adrian Covert.
Flip Video will release an HD pocket cam to its product line before the end of the year, according to a spokesperson for the digital camcorder company. Previously, it had mentioned an HD pocket cam was in development, but now there’s a firm release window to back that up. Flip has only offered scant details on the new product, however, so while we hope that the Flip HD will record video in 720p resolution, we’re not entirely that’s the case.
The Flip HD seems like a response to the well-received Kodak Zi6 digital camcorder, which also records 720p video and has a macro mode for shooting close-up objects. Despite the bump to HD, Flip is still committed to making web-friendly products; it noted over the summer, for example, that it was looking at ways to integrate HD-quality video with a web streaming infrastructure. Specific dates and pricing for the Flip HD are still unannounced, but should be available soon.
Adrian Covert is a San Francisco-based tech journalist and television addict.