TAB Welcomes: Matthew Bookspan

Hello everyone! I am one of the new writers here at TheĀ Apple Blog. The team here is great and they have been very welcoming. Most of my history with Apple dates back to the late 80’s when I purchased my first Mac — an SE with 1MB of RAM and a 20MB hard disk — it was quite a machine for the time. I have had many Macs since then, including a IIci, one of the first PowerPCs — a PowerMac 6160av and a MacBook Core Duo (recently sold).
Currently, the Bookspan household runs on many Apple products including a Penryn iMac 24″ 3.06Ghz (mine), an original MacBook Core Duo (wife’s) an AppleTV (shared) and two iPhones — original (wife’s) and 3G (mine). We also have a Time Capsule for WiFi and Time Machine backups.
I have been writing on and off for a few years and enjoy authoring commentaries or reviews. I look forward to a fun engagement here on The Apple Blog. Please don’t hesitate to write comments and/or send feedback my way!