SanDisk’s Convoluted Path To Mobile Music

When SanDisk (NSDQ: SNDK) launched its $19.99 Sansa slotMusic Player which can play microSD cards loaded with music Wednesday, much of the focus was on whether the company was taking a step back with a piece of physical infrastructure when the direction has clearly been toward digital downloads. The slotMusic cards which will distribute albums from the big four music labels even retail at CD-like prices at $15. Somewhat lost in the news was what SanDisk still considers its bigger strategy with their microSD cards: to get consumers to play music on the 770 million phones that will ship this year with the built-in card slots, as SanDisk SVP and GM Daniel Schreiber told the San Fransico Chronicle. Schreiber also pointed out that if the microSd cards are going to have a