Vimeo Lanches Vimeo Plus Paid Service

As promised, the increasingly popular video sharing site Vimeo launched its premium paid service today, introducing a host of new features for those willing to pony up — and placing more restrictions on those who don’t.
For a $59.95 annual subscription, Vimeo Plus offers:

  • 2GB upload per week
  • Ad-free environment
  • Unlimited HD uploading
  • 1,000 embeddable HD videos
  • Better quality standard video
  • Priority uploading
  • Other features such as player customization, privacy options, and unlimited channels, groups and albums

But the Vimeo that giveth also taketh away. Standard users sticking with the free account can now only upload one HD video per week and can create only one group, one channel and three albums. (If you have more than these in your existing account, you get to keep them.) Plus, even with the Plus account, the HD embeds are limited to 1,000 plays. If the playcount goes over, you can either purchase more HD plays, or it will revert to standard definition.
Vimeo’s backer, Barry Diller, said that Vimeo wasn’t big enough to attract serious ad revenue, so this is pretty much the only option left for the site. Will it’s loyal fan base pay up to keep it going?