Last Gen MacBook Pros $700 Cheaper, MacBook for $849

Apple may not have broken the $900 mark with the new line of laptops they unveiled at Tuesday’s event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a never-before-used Mac at that price. As long as you’re willing to bury your head in the sand and pretend no new models exist, or your computing habits don’t require the absolute latest tech, you can get some pretty good deals on previous generation Apple notebooks., for instance, is offering a $700 (compared to its price at the Apple Store before Tuesday’s release) discount on MacBook Pros, which makes this 15-inch model not much more expensive than the now-discontinued black MacBook. While this is a great deal for those looking for a still-powerful laptop at an affordable price, those hoping for the sub-$900 laptop Tuesday likely won’t see $1,780 as much of a deal.

If you already had that $800+ tucked away for a new Mac, don’t go blowing it all on cheese doodles and beer to drown your sorrow. Best Buy is now offering the entry level 13.3-inch white MacBook for $849.  Keep in mind, this is not the new entry-level white MacBook ($999) which now ships with a SuperDrive. Still, at $850, it’s almost an impulse buy for people holding that first student loan check and thinking about all the somewhat educational things they can do with it. The old MacBook Air is now down $400 from $1,799 to $1,399.
Apple themselves are offering some good deals via their refurbished hardware sales, the highlight being a well-spec’d 15.4 MacBook Pro 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, available for $1,799, a full $1,000 off of its original retail purchase price.
On the previously enjoyed front, Craig’s List and Kijiji have both seen a sharp increase in the number of ads offering MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs for sale. While the used market appears flooded, price points have yet to see significant change despite the spike in supply, and in most cases it looks like you’d be better off buying new from authorized resellers.
Have you spotted any amazing deals? Let us know below.