Weekly App Store Roundup: Oct. 18, 2008

Amidst the hubbub of this week’s Apple announcements, the App Store continued to bubble away with a host of new apps joining the fray. As ever, The Apple Blog is here to separate the signal from the noise and sound off on a selection of the freshest apps to hit the store.

This time we’re casting a big thoughtful eye over Jobs, TeeDroid 3G and PuzzleManiak.
Jobs 1.0 ($4.99) – There’s been a panoply of freelancer time-tracking tools arriving at the App Store of late, many of which seem a tad on the rushed side. Jobs 1.0, though, looks to have a well-considered feature-set and a clear, concise interface.
The problem is that there are already several sites (with integrated iPhone web apps) that do the job much better and are rich in exactly the kind of features freelancers need. To name but two, Tempo and Harvest are incredibly accomplished time-trackers and in the case of the latter, handles expenses, invoices and even an OS X widget. Despite the solid feature-set, including CSV export of time-sheets, Jobs 1.0 may not be a prudent investment for the savvy freelancer looking to track time more efficiently.

TeeDroid 3G ($19.99) – Notice anything familiar about the TeeDroid logo? It’s nabbed from Android, Google’s iPhone competitor (apparently though, the Droid bit of the logo is available under a Creative Commons license). Questionable logo choice aside, TeeDroid is intended to be the Nike+ of iPhone golf trackers. The app handles score keeping, distances and even integrates with Google Maps. At twenty dollars, it may not be worth a punt for everyone, but affluent golf-enthusiasts may certainly want to take this golf companion out for a few rounds.
PuzzleManiak ($4.99) – Harking back to the homebrew scene on the Nintendo DS, and more recently available via jailbroken touches and iPhones, a proper PuzzleManiak compendium has finally made it to the store. There are 15 different puzzlers within this app and, if the original compendium is anything to go by, some of these are deliciously devious. The app also includes stats, randomly generated unique puzzles, several difficulty levels and a daily web challenge for everybody to compete in.  This is brain-twisting fun at a bargain price, grab it now if you’re a puzzle fan.
Before toddling away with iPhone in hand for another week’s App Store gazing, there’s one app worth mentioning, not strictly a new release but certainly a release of note.  A few weeks back Phone Saber returned to the App Store, it had originally been removed after being flagged for IP infringement. The new version is from the same developers but, this time, the app has a different name — the Star Wars light saber toy has returned as Light Saber Unleashed and is now an official Star Wars product.
The new release incorporates dramatic duelling music, multiple sabers and a range of characters too (including ol’ cheese grater face with the sore throat).  Light Saber Unleashed is totally free and, for fans of Star Wars, a must-have.
With a few interesting apps rounded up and broken down in to tasty bite-size chunks of information, that’s all for another seven days. Let us know what apps you’ve tried out this week in the comments.