BoinxTV: Broadcasting for the rest of us

Making simple videocasts can take time and some work utilizing a few different tools. Until now.

A little while ago, I elected to participate in a new product offering from Boinx Software, called BoinxTV. In all honesty, I had forgotten about the product until I recently received an email telling me where to download a current build and give it a try. This application is pretty comprehensive, and more importantly, it makes the process of creating and editing videocasts fun.

Getting Started

Upon initial launch of the application, you are presented with the following screen:
BoinxTV New Document WindowWhat is really nice is that Boinx has provided some pre-canned templates to easily generate the type of broadcast you would like to make. Each of the templates are fun and easily modified. Another bonus, as shown with this screenshot is that you can select the resolution for the broadcast, including HD (albeit it is a compressed version at 960×540).


Once you select the type of template you want, BoinxTV generates the necessary components of the broadcast and then presents you with the following screen:
BoinxTV Main WindowIn this window, you control which elements of the broadcast (audio, video, graphics and more) you want to include. You can also define their properties (left-hand side) and see a preview of the video on the right. Note, I disabled the video in this particular screen — none of you want to see my ugly mug.
Because the application is so flexible, you can either record your video first or last. You can edit the elements of the broadcast at any time. One of my favorite features is that you can define what type of marquee content you want to display across the video, including RSS feeds. This makes the content seem fresh and improves the level of realism.
BoinxTV also supports Apple’s Media Browser, so you can easily drag-and-drop your photos, videos or music files directly into the broadcast you are editing.

Exporting & Publishing

When you have finished recording and making the appropriate edits, you can then decide where you want to export the content. What is great is that BoinxTV exports to PodcastProducer and can easily publish your broadcast to it. Here is an example of the publishing process:
BoinxTV - Export Video


One of the quirks of the application, besides the fact that it is in beta, is that the UI can be a little overwhelming at first. There are so many options and controls for editing, you might be confused as to where to start. However, with a little time and practice, it isn’t too hard to get going.
To learn more about BoinxTV, they have created a screencast available for viewing on iTunes. I am pretty excited about this product and believe that anyone who creates videocasts will appreciate the power that BoinxTV provides. BoinxTV is due to ship by mid-November.
Oh, I have two additional beta invites for those who are really interested. Please write a clever reason as to why I should give you an invite (meaning, how it will really help you) in the comments section below and I will then decide the winner(s) in another post.