Do you consider yourself a geek? Now how about a hardcore geek? And since you’re reading The Apple Blog, clearly you’re a Hardcore Mac Geek (assuming you answered yes to the preceding questions). Check, check, and check. Great! So this post is aimed squarely at you! (Apologies for the pre-interview. The contents beyond this point are what you might call, “niche”.)
Graphic artist, Christopher David Ryan made these great prints, utilizing the ‘Apple’, or ‘Command’ key references made popular in OS X. You can purchase the set of three (as 5×7 inch prints) for $12 if you’re so inclined. Personally, I’d hold out for poster size rather than the smallish 5×7 prints, but that’s just me. Either way, I like the idea, and it’s a great composition in my book.
Side note: If you didn’t immediately recognize what the prints were meant to read as, please hand in your ‘Hardcore Mac Geek’ card before leaving.