Map: The Winds of Green Job Creation are Blowing Across U.S.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama and green economy advocate Van Jones are vocal supporters of the benefits of green jobs, but where in the U.S. will many of these employment opportunities emerge? Well, when it comes to wind energy-related jobs, not surprisingly, new turbine manufacturing is blowing up all over the Midwest and windy Central Plains. Check out our interactive map of these 11 newly opened and proposed wind turbine manufacturing facilities, which will build specialized parts for the wind industry like blades, towers, internal platforms, ladders and gearboxes.

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Using data from the American Wind Energy Association (which the AWEA says is non-exhaustive; we’re working on filling in the gaps), we’ve mapped out nearly 5,000 jobs-worth of new green collar opportunities in the wind turbine manufacturing business. And that doesn’t include the wind farm installers, operators and maintenance crews that will be needed to get the windmills up and running.