QiK Brings Video to iPhone (Legitimately)

It finally looks like video-recording is arriving on the iPhone, courtesy of QiK’s new app. The omission of a video-record feature for the iPhone has long been a major source of derision. The device is fully capable of supporting video, it simply comes down to either an oversight or ill-considered design decision regarding features on Apple’s part (and considering the Cupertino campus’s eye for detail, the latter is much more likely).
Qik, featured over at sister-site NewTeeVee.com back in June, is one of several video apps that owners of jailbroken iPhone’s have had access to for some time now. The interesting thing about QiK is that it streams live to the web — it means whatever you’re doing, where ever you may be, you can now broadcast live to the masses direct from your iPhone.
Fountain of Apple rumors, Kevin Rose, claims that QiK is very close to arriving at the App Store. “This is not a hacked or jailbroken version, this is the real deal.┬áIt’s not out in the App Store yet, but I hear it’s coming very soon.” Bringing serious substance to his rumor mongering, Rose actually broadcast the news live using the official QiK app itself.