Comcast To Double Speeds, Offer Faster Connections

[qi:020] Comcast, the largest cable company in the U.S., is going to boost its consumer broadband speeds — in some cases, doubling them — without raising the price, according to DSL Reports. The new offerings are likely to be made available in a few weeks. I’m not using Comcast anymore, but if you’re a customer and are willing to put up with their metered broadband philosophy, you might find this information useful.

  • Performance: 6/1 Mbps will now get 12/2 Mbps for $42.95 a month.
  • Performance: 8/2 Mbps will get 16/2 for $52.95 a month.
  • Economy: Unchanged at $24.95 for 768 kbps down/384 kbps up.
  • Ultra: 22/5 Mbps for $62.95 a month. (Will update to 30/5 Mbps.)
  • Extreme Fifty: 50/10 Mbps for $139.95

The last two tiers would require $3-a-month rental fee for a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. These speed boosts come at a time when Comcast is facing increased competition from Verizon’s FiOS offerings. Given that the company is transitioning to metered broadband, one has to ask about the motivations behind this speed boost.
If you ask me, the answer seems pretty obvious: Higher speeds means that better quality, which means people would quickly consume their monthly quotas and get hit by overage fees.