Watch Hulu through Boxee (and Apple TV)

Boxee users can now watch and share content from Hulu and, the company announced today. This, combined with hack released earlier this month, means that Hulu can be watched (albeit, in a complicated fashion) through an Apple TV.
The open source media center does not have an official relationship with either Hulu or CBS. An email to press said “the flash player for both sites was specially adapted by boxee’s team and embedded into our interface.” And as the word “hack” in the previous paragraph might have tipped you off, boxee does not have an official relationship with Apple (s APPL) either.

Boxee also made some changes to the UI and other adjustments to its service, which is still in alpha.
But boxee isn’t the only way to watch Hulu on your big screen. Aside from plugging your laptop directly into your TV, the Zv Box also lets you access web video content via your PC and through the existing coaxial cables (though in our initial tests, we couldn’t get the Zv to work), and MediaMall’s PlayOn beta allows PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and HP MediaSmart TV owners to access web video, including Hulu, as well.