Product Snippet: New Rechargeables from Energizer

Back in early 2006, during a period of unremitting international travel, I joked that my life was no longer a series of circadian rhythms, but my life’s pulses were now an expression of remaining battery life.
For many web workers, dependence on the battery-driven vagaries of cameras, phones, laptops and iPods can crimp your mobility.
So, hot on the heels of our recent item on the Myth Of All Day Computing, comes Energizer‘s announcement of four new easy-to-use chargers to complement their rechargeable battery line… a family charger, compact charger, ‘easy’ charger and intriguingly a ’15-minute’ charger.
Sadly, with the lack of standards in battery form factors, these products are only useful for those driven on AA and AAA batteries. I live for the day when I can pop 452 rechargeable AA batteries into my MacBook!