T-Mobile G1 is now working

The black T-Mobile G1 Android phone arrived but try as I might I could not get it to work out of the box.  You must sign in to your existing GMail account before you can do ANYTHING with the phone and I got repeated communications errors.  A quick trip to the local T-Mobile store and replacement SIM card later and the G1 activated and is working like a champ.  The initial GMail sync was lightning fast and I am finding 3 – 4 bars of 3G strength everywhere so far.  I have tested sending an email and making a call (sorry Kevin) and so far so good.  For those doubters who claimed fake that the G1 had shown up here’s a couple of quick and dirty photos allaying those false claims.  🙂  BTW the reps at T-Mobile told me the white model will not be available until November.