ThinkFree’s New Netbook Suite: How to Get it Free

Are you using a netbook yet? If so, you may be interested in a promotion that ThinkFree is running. I’ve written about the ThinkFree Office suite of productivity applications before here. ThinkFree’s Office applications are similar to the ones offered in Microsoft Office, and can be used online or offline.

The company has just introduced a lightweight version of its suite of applications specifically for netbook users,  and announced that Fujitsu is the first OEM to start loading it on netbooks. The suite is available through a free trial, but then you have to pay. Here is how to get it for free.
From Tuesday October 21st, through Friday, October 31st, if you fill out this short survey, you get a license key sent to you that will get you the suite for free. For an idea of how the applications in the suite look and feel, including a movie, look here.
The online/offline features in the suite may interest many web workers. You can collaborate with others on documents and spreadsheets online as you might with Zoho’s applications, or you can work offline as you might with Microsoft Office. The applications look and feel very much like the ones in Microsoft Office–with similar toolbars, drop-downs and the like (see above)–so you’ll feel at home if you’re an Office user.