Two New Solutions Try To Address The Mobile Measurement Pain Point

When it comes to the mobile Web, gathering information about the number of viewers and their behaviors is still difficult, but there’s no shortage of companies trying to solve the problem. Joining the fray is Openwave Systems (NSDQ: OPWV), which is launching a mobile analytics tool today that reports on mobile Internet traffic behavior, and Quattro Wireless and comScore (NSDQ: SCOR), which are teaming up to report on the traffic going to Quattro’s sites, such as,, CBS (NYSE: CBS) News, Playboy (NYSE: PLA) and Univision. Other companies, such as Bango and Admob, are also reporting information on the ecosystem.
Openwave Mobile Analytics: Openwave, which assists in launching mobile and broadband services, said the its analytics service, will track mobile internet traffic, by including a subscriber’s access to URLs, the duration of visits and how frequently they access social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The service also includes behavioral information, which correlates demographics to Web site traffic to create categories used for targeted marketing and advertising campaigns. Openwave said unlike current services, it does not require cookies or JavaScript tags to monitor a user’s activity. Release.
Quattro and comScore: Quattro Wireless reported results of a study conducted by comScore, which tracked contextual, demographic, behavioral and location information from mobile web sites, such as as,, CBS News, Playboy, and Univision. It found that 36 percent of respondents indicated that they do not access the wired version of a publisher’s web site when they visit on the mobile web, and 46 percent of the respondents are daily visitors to Quattro’s mobile websites. Also, on average, visitors went to 3 page views per session. The survey was conducted during seven consecutive weeks in August and September. Release.