AccuFuel: Calculate and Graph Your MPG

I used to always fill up my car completely so I could do a quick MPG check against my trip meter, but with the price of gas lately I’ve been reluctant to spend $60 or $70 at the pump. I needed a tracking log so I could figure out my MPG across several partial fill ups. Some of you may also be interested in maximizing fuel efficiency or even hypermiling. AccuFuel (formerly named MPG) stands out among the various mileage tracking choices in the iTunes App Store. “Polished” is a word that gets used frequently in iPhone app reviews (at least for the good apps) but it certainly applies to AccuFuel.
Using the app is simple. You click on the “+” button on the gas pump on the main screen each time you fill up. Then you enter in the odometer reading, gallons, and price per gallon. You can also specify if this is a full or partial fill up so AccuFuel won’t get confused if you only decide to drop five bucks in the tank and top off the tank later in the week. After at least two complete fill ups, AccuFuel will calculate your fuel efficiency and present a graph along the bottom of the home screen.

AccuFuel can track your fuel usage for multiple vehicles. When adding a new car, AccuFuel will let you select from a list of vehicles to automatically display the expected fuel efficiency, but only from 1998 and newer. For older cars, you can enter the details manually so you have a baseline against which to compare your actual mpg.
You can export your entries as comma separated values in an email message and send them to yourself for backup or use in another application like Excel or Numbers. One cool feature is that these email messages contain a link that will push the .csv entries directly into AccuFuel.
One thing I’d like to see in the next version is a graph of gas purchase prices over time. That data is already in AccuFuel along with the fuel efficiency data and it seems like it would be easy to tap to toggle between different graphs for MPG and $/gallon.
I tried several fuel efficiency apps, and AccuFuel definitely stands out as the easiest and best looking app. There are apps that include fuel efficiency along with other features, but AccuFuel is the best for a straight efficiency tracking app.
AccuFuel is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.