Car Care: Service and Fuel Tracking

In addition to fuel costs, some people are religious in tracking their automobile repairs as well. I keep a file of service receipts, but I hardly ever do any analysis of this information to try and figure out how much I’m spending on repairs or how often. Now that one of my cars is getting a little long in the tooth, I decided I might want to take a closer look and see what it actually takes to keep the old lady of the garage running.
Care Care ($4.99) is an iPhone app that lets you track automobile expenses and fuel costs for multiple vehicles. It essentially takes a fuel cost tracking app and adds a separate entry item for service costs. The setup is fairly straightforward. Select your vehicle from a list of popular makes and models and then you can begin entering your fillups at the gas station along with other service items. When you add a new service entry, you can select from a list of common repairs and services like oil changes, radiator service, etc. or “other” and then enter the odometer reading and cost. You can enter some brief notes as well.

The service tracking is pretty limited and I’m not sure that I personally need an iPhone app to do this for me. My paper file folder with service receipts works pretty well for my limited needs. If you want to track this info on your mobile device, and also need something to track fuel consumption, then Car Care may be a good choice for you.
The categories and notes are basic, but cover the most common issues. I like some of the features of the fuel consumption as Car Care provides graphs of MPG and fuel costs over time and also gives a “Carbon Footprint” number, which I haven’t seen in other fuel tracking apps. In fuel tracking, Car Care also tells you how your mileage varies by the grade of gasoline that you use (you have to provide this info when you fillup, of course).
I continue to prefer AccuFuel for pure fuel consumption because of its simpler user interface, but these little extras in Car Care are tempting and may be just the thing for some of you that really want to track both fuel and service in one place.