G1 Has No Exchange Support Yet; First Attempt At Syncing Contacts Less Than Perfect

imageGoogle (NSDQ: GOOG) and T-Mobile USA’s position on the G1 not supporting Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Exchange is that sooner or later a developer will build it and offer it to the community. Well, sure enough, two companies Wrike and Intermedia have teamed up to solve one component of that — syncing your Outlook contacts from your PC to your phone. The app called ContactsSync is currently available in the Android Market (of course, for free), but the initial reviews are less than encouraging, and in addition, there’s one warning you must heed: if you have copied your Outlook contacts over to Gmail, do NOT use this program, or else everything will become duplicated. The application has the intentions of wirelessly syncing your Outlook contacts to your phone from your PC, but the one big hang-up is that it currently only supports Exchange 2007. According to the Android Market, the application has been downloaded up to 5,000 times, and of the 47 reviews, it has a rating of 1.5 stars out of five. The biggest rub, it seems, is that users can’t get it to sync at all. It’s not clear what the problem is, but likely it’s because users have an older version of Exchange and don’t know it. Others wrote that the application would be more useful if it synced with mail or calendar. A spokesperson confirmed that they have plans to add calendar synchronization “as soon as it will be available in API.”
The spokesperson also confirmed that contacts will be duplicated if user’s simultaneously turn on Gmail and Exchange, and they have the same contacts in Gmail as they do Exchange. In other words, the software is not intelligent enough to only copy over new contacts. And, in my case, since I use Gmail to back-up my list of Outlook contacts, I would absolutely freak-out if this happened. However, if you don’t have many duplicates, the program is intelligent enough to only update your Gmail account with new Outlook contacts on repeated syncs. The companies promise later releases will offer full-fledged two-way synchronization that merges contacts without duplicates.