Airport Extreme Update Pulled, But Damage Already Done

Updates turning out to be harmful rather than helpful are nothing new, and it’s beginning to look like you can add Apple’s latest Airport Extreme software “fix” to the list of the potentially damaging.
Complaints from commenters and bloggers around the net are beginning to pile up, yet Apple remains silent on the status of the update (numbered 2008-003) which was uploaded to their servers Monday and then pulled shortly after without explanation.
While the update was intended to resolve issues when roaming in large Wi-Fi networks, reports are claiming that not only does that issue persist, in some cases the patch is causing network problems. Some users are even claiming that following the update, Airport ceases to work at all. Total Airport failures are being reported on multiple platforms, including the Aluminum MacBook and late model white MacBook. Others are claiming reduced capability, including connection problems and the inability of their machines to recognize the 802.11n capability of their cards (a/b/g only).

For those whose computers aren’t connecting at all, try this method posted by one commenter:

Read on another site about this error, to go to: Macintosh HD, Library, Preferences, SystemConfiguration then send the into Trash.

This will apparently restore wireless functionality, but the card will still be recognized as only having a/b/g connectivity.
Other, more drastic measures are being recommended by some. Popular troubleshooting site MacFixIt are recommending performing an archive and install of OS X to erase any and all traces of the problematic update.
If you managed to download and install the update, please let us know if you’re experiencing any problems.