AndroidDevCamp in Dallas Oct 25

DevcampThey haven’t given much notice but since the T-Mobile G1 has just launched it is appropriate to point out that what is probably the first AndroidDevCamp will be happening in Dallas in just a couple of days.  The press release details how budding Android developers can benefit from attending the camp:

The event will feature presentations on:

— How to get started on Android;
— Google’s Android Developers Challenge I and II;
— Lessons learned in the development of ShopSavvy; and
— Understanding Android fundamentals.

The event will include breakout sessions where developers can share ideas and form working groups to begin building Android applications.

The event will be held at Architel located:

1950 Stemmons Fwy
Suite 2022
Dallas, TX 75207

You can find additional information and sign up for this and other camps at the website here.