Earth2Tech Week in Review

The economic turmoil continues to roil markets around the world, but it’s not clear yet what it will all mean for the developing cleantech industry. Last week we reported on layoffs and executive swaps at Tesla but the headlines this week were more positive.
Better Place Goes Down Under to Electrify Australia: Shai Agassi’s electric car infrastructure startup Better Place is making Australia its next locale to go electric with power from AGL Energy and AUD$1 billion in financing from the Macquarie Capital Group.
GreenFuel Building $92M Algae Farm in Spain: GreenFuel, a startup that uses recycled CO2 to grow algae, which can be turned into biofuels and feed, says that it is in the process of building 100-hectares of algae greenhouses — at the cost of $92 million — that can produce 25,000 tons of algae biomass per year.
GE Ups Investment in A123, Confirms Commitment to Green: GE Commercial Finance, Equity and GE Energy Financial Services made its sixth equity investment into lithium-ion battery maker A123Systems, raising its stake to $55 million, solidifying its commitment to green energy and brushing off those cleantech haters.
HelioVolt Cuts Ribbon on Austin Thin-Film Solar Factory: HelioVolt, a well-financed startup that has been working on its thin-film solar material for the past seven years, cut the ribbon on Friday for its first factory in its home city of Austin, Texas.
Puzzled Researchers Vet BlackLight’s Physics-Defying Hydrogen Power: BlackLight Power, the company with $60 million for its seemingly physics-defying fuel cell, said this week that an independent team of engineers has tested BlackLight’s prototypes and found that “there is a novel reaction of some type causing the large exotherm which is consistently produced.” To translate: There’s definitely lots of energy being produced. They’re just not sure why.