Are New Video Networks In Trouble?

nullLiz reports that Revision3, the online video startup behind shows such as Kevin Rose’s DiggNation (and the on-hiatus GigaOM Show), has shut down five of its shows and laid off a reported third of its people. The news prompted Kent Nichols, one of the awesome and funny duo behind the Ask a Ninja video show, to write on his blog:

Rev3 has some of the best behind the scenes talent in the online space. They have a great sales team and good leadership and a solid flagship show in DiggNation. And they can’t make it….Treat deals and shows you create for these online production companies as temporary rent money solutions, not career building moves.

If what Kent is saying is essentially true, then most of the online video networks/studios — and there are many — are in trouble. And like Revision 3, they need to refocus and scale back their ambitions in order to survive the current advertising downturn, focusing solely on their strongest franchises. To recap, I don’t think Revision3 is going away — Tekzilla and DiggNation are two of their strongest franchises with big following. Damn shame, though, that Martin Sargeant’s Internet Superstar show is being canned. Photo courtesy of Revision3