MySpace Lets Users Upload Photos, Change Status Via Mobile

MySpace users can now upload pictures directly to their profiles from their mobile phones, reports a MySpace blog entry. Once users activate the “Send Photos From Your Phone” function — which must be done via mobile, not online — they will be able to send pictures they take with their phone through e-mail. MySpace is giving users who sign up for the service a personalized e-mail address, which they suggest should be put into the handsets phone book for easier access. Once a user sends a photo to the email address, it is supposed to show up on the site “in seconds.”
MySpace has also built a function that lets users update their status through text messaging. Again, they have to first activate the function online. Users send an SMS to MYSPC (69722) and the content of the text will be their new status. No way to change mood yet, though MySpace says they are working on it. They also said they would soon have custom moods available via WAP.