iPhone getting DataViz Documents To Go: full Office doc editing

DatavizdocumentstogoiphoneNow this is interesting and timely since we were all just having a friendly discussion on if smartphones can replace notebooks. One of the valid arguments in that debate is around content creation, especially in the productivity area. DataViz might have something to add to the discussion as The Apple Blog picked up the fact that Documents To Go is coming to the iPhone.

The tip-off is the graphic shown on a DataViz page where you can sign up for e-mail updates on the news. For those not familiar with Documents To Go, it’s one of the top mobile apps (if not the top one) that allows for full document editing of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Currently, the application is available on Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian and Palm devices. We’ve covered the company’s products before and they don’t disappoint so I’ve already signed up for e-mail updates.