Samsung NC10 netbook reviewed

Samsung_nc10_g01Samsung’s recent entry into the US market coincided with their release of their first netbook, the NC10.  The NC10 is a 10-inch netbook with a big keyboard and looks to be a nice entry into the market for Samsung.  Laptop Magazine has published a review of the NC10 and it looks like they have a new favorite:

Samsung’sNC10 is the only product that provides comparable—and evenimproved—features for a lower price. Its comfortable, well-positionedkeyboard, speedy and spacious hard drive, and more than 7 hours of endurance make the $499 Samsung NC10 the most well-rounded 10-inch netbook on the market.

Have a look at the review and see if you think the NC10 is the netbook of your dreams.

UPDATE:  Laptop Magazine reran the battery test and got 4:48 with the brightness set to full.  They have updated the review.