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Segway Maker Working on Better Electric Car: Dean Kamen estimates that he and his team have spent $40 million over the last 10 years working on a Stirling-electric hybrid vehicle. We just hope its more successful than his last “revolutionary” transportation invention – Telegraph.
Weak Breezes Hurting Wind Energy: The intermittent of nature of wind energy means that some months will be windier than others. FPL Energy said that conditions this last quarter was the worst it’s had since starting operations in the 1970s – WSJ’s Environmental Capital.
“Why China May Save The Electric Car”: We already know Warren Buffet is betting on Chinese electric cars, and with good reason. China is expected to have 700 million cars by 2050 and the Chinese government is getting behind electric vehicles with new regulations and demonstration projects – Forbes.
Hyundai Planning Fuel Cell Car for 2012: The South Korean automaker said today it plans to commercially produce a fuel-cell-powered car by 2012, three years after the company plans to offer its first hybrid – Cleantech Group.
UOP Using $1.5M from DOE for Biomass Oil: UOP, a subsidiary of Honeywell, plans to use a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to research producing pyrolysis oil from second generation biomass feedstocks – Press release.