Two and a Half Men Is Tops Online

If you would have monitored more than 17,000 social media and social networking sites in the last week of September, looking at 3.5 million conversations per day and over 120 million unique users, you might have found that CBS’ Two and a Half Men took the crown for the most socially-interacted-with-on-the-web TV show.
That is, if you used similar methodology to research firm Networked Insights, which is launching a new sort of competitor to Nielsen ratings, which it calls “Measuring the Social.” The specifics of that methodology are a bit vague, but here are some details:

Instead of just measuring viewership, like the Nielsen ratings, the following data includes all the various types of interactions available to online audiences, including reading, rating, sharing, linking and inviting. Networked Insights can also determine the value and influence of each interaction – for example, Tiger Woods sharing a golf video carries far more weight than an everyday golf enthusiast taking the same action.

So thanks to Charlie Sheen, or is it Chuck Lorre, Two and a Half Men attracted more than twice as many “interactions” as its nearest competitor. Networked Insights specifically attributed that success to the following around favorite quotes from the show. Meanwhile, Two and a Half Men was fifth on Nielsen’s list for the week. And no, Gossip Girl was not on either list.