Oh Nuts! Nuts TV Dropped From TV, Forced To Be Web-Only Again

IPC Media’s Nuts lads mag has had its designs on living-room respectability cut down to size in two fell swoops. Its nascent digital video channel Nuts TV is to be dropped from both Freeview and BSkyB (NYSE: BSY), forcing it to fall back on being a broadband-only operation. IPC launched the babes-and-beer channel in July last year on Freeview and on Sky TV in January this year with a 9pm to 1am, as a JV with Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) stablemate Turner Broadcasting System (TBS). But, as one door closes and another opens, TBS decided instead to put CNN International on its Freeview slot, 24 hours a day. The partners have agreed that the best way forward is online.
TBS SVP Dee Forbes told Broadcast it was better for “both sides to play to our respective strengths” in a crowded market. Translation: the channel has not been a roaring success. Freeview carriage for CNNI, so far only on cable and satellite, will add a potential 10 million to the channel’s current UK base. after announcing it was to show short CNN clips to European Joost users at Mipcom this year. Via DigitalSpy.