Happy Halloween: Apple Costume Roundup

Every time around this year I get ghostly pangs of gastro-intestinal discomfort as I’m haunted by memories of eating bags and bags of candy in a single sitting. I also get secretly excited about the one time of the year I’m able to play dress-up in public and not be ridiculed. We here at TAB wanted to share in the excitement of this most sinister holiday with this collection of Apple-themed costumes. Enjoy!

The iPod has become probably the most popular Apple Halloween costume to date, either because it’s easy (the proverbial ghost costume of the nerd crowd?) or because there’s reference models lying around everywhere.

If sales numbers are any indication, however, the iPod costume could soon be overtaken by the iPhone costume. Not only is it equally boxy and uncomfortable, but it’s also a phone.

Maybe you’re a power user, and the iPhone just isn’t enough to meet your demanding needs. Don’t worry, there’s a costume for you, too. I know you still love that berry-colored iMac, but if you haven’t changed it into a fishbowl yet, it makes for stylish headwear.

If the prospect of dressing like hardware and not being able to sit down, turn your head, or move your arms isn’t appealing to you, there are still a couple options out there for you. Everyone’s favorite/most feared CEO makes for a charming/terrifying costume, for instance.

Or if you’re doing the tandem thing, this one’s made for two. Add an air horn and it becomes up-to-the-minute current and loads more aggravating to those around you.

Finally, if you’d rather not dress up yourself, but you still feel the holiday spirit, here’s a nice way to show it.

Happy Halloween TAB readers! Let us know about your own Apple-themed costumes below.