UGC + Golf Tips =

Capturing yourself doing a sport is a great way to improve your game (unless you’re me, in which case there isn’t a flash card big enough to catch all the mistakes). This idea is the basis of My Tour Swing, which lets users upload video of their golf swing to share with other players, or have it analyzed by a golf teaching pro.

The site is free to use; it’s free to upload video, and free if you want others users to comment on your swing, but if you want deeper analysis, well…that’ll cost you. For $10, you can have your swing analyzed by special software from Dartfish that provides slow-motion replay and points out different details at key points in your stroke. If you want more of a personal touch, you can pay $35 dollars to have your swing analyzed by a real live golf teaching pro, who will record audio to explain what you could do better.

Chicago-based My Tour Swing was founded by Charlie McKenna about a year ago. The company is privately funded and currently has less than 10 employees. The site went live in September and is slated to be rolled out with a big marketing push in November. My Tour Swing believes that given the number of avid golfers out there and the high-end nature of the audience, it will be able to attract advertising dollars as well.
I’m a big believer in video helping anybody’s game out, and leveraging UGC is a good option for golfers wanting a little extra help. To me, $35 seems a little steep for some video commentary, but it beats paying way more than that for an hour-long lesson at the golf course.
The biggest hurdle to My Tour Swing’s success could be the exact same reason it was able to get up to speed so quickly. The company used white-label video service provider Reality Digital to create its infrastructure, but now that it’s in place, My Tour Swing doesn’t offer anything else proprietary or unique. McKenna says there are a few lone golf pros doing something similar, but if this catches on, there’s nothing stopping the PGA or the USGA from creating an identical service and getting brand-name pros to provide analysis.