Video: BlackLight Power’s Validation Process

While we’re still waiting for wider validation of BlackLight Power’s purportedly physics-defying fuel cell, in the mean time we’ll have to settle for a video of the independent validation that BlackLight has already announced. BlackLight has created a video of the Rowan University researchers who concluded that the mysterious reaction produces the levels of energy that BlackLight claims.
Take the video with a grain of salt, but it does give you a glimpse at the company’s technology and gives some face time to BlackLight’s controversial founder Randall Mills, whose “hydrino theory” doesn’t quite jive with quantum mechanics.

The validation process was headed up by Rowan University’s Dr. Peter Jansson, who ambiguously concluded that “there is a novel reaction of some type causing the large exotherm which is consistently produced.” Controversy not withstanding, BlackLight has found well-heeled backers and raised $60 million for its venture.
Video courtesy of BlackLight Power.