RealDVD Free Trial Really Over

Real has posted an open letter alerting those people who downloaded RealDVD that the legally challenged DVD copying software will no longer work after the 30-day free trial. Further, such people will not be able to upgrade to the full version — at least not yet.
RealDVD ran afoul of the law studios almost the instant it was released, with its DVD copying capabilities raising the ire of Hollywood. Lawsuits and counterlawsuits were immediately filed, resulting in a federal court suspending distribution of the software.
Real wants you to know that it’s not their fault; rather, it wants you to blame those rotten Hollywood studios who have challenged the legality of Real’s approach to storing DVD content on a hard drives. From the open letter Real posted on its site:

You shouldn’t be caught in the middle, and we apologize that you are. As a thank you for your patience we will upgrade your trial to a fully licensed copy, free of charge, if we are legally allowed to resume distribution of RealDVD.

In terms of that upgrade, Real wants you to keep the trial software you downloaded on your computer until the company is legally allowed to resume its distribution — which won’t happen any time soon. It doesn’t expect the court to make a ruling until “the first part” of next year, and even then, if the history of Hollywood vs. technology is any indication, it’s not looking good for the software.