Jung Leaves Vudu CEO Position; Founder Steps In

Vudu, the online TV box, has lost its second senior executive in the last three months: first the CFO, layoffs, and now CEO Mark Jung has left after exactly a year, we have confirmed from the company (Valleywag reported on it first). This is a bit of a surprise, because multiple people I spoke to today insist he was in the middle of trying to sell company, which probably means the efforts haven’t gone so well. The company says Jung left for “personal reasons”. Meanwhile, company founder Alan Rossman has stepped back in day-to-day, and is now the interim CEO. Vudu has been trying to build on its retail presence, and position itself as an HD movie box, but the going has been tough. The company PR insists it has been doing well, but really, how long before it runs out of, well, runway? Vudu is based in Santa Clara, CA, and is venture-backed by Greylock Partners and Benchmark Capital.