Obama Begins Transition; Advisors Are Named For Tech And Communications Issues

A day after the election, names are already being floated as to who will likely be on the president-elect’s transition team, including advisors on issues involving technology and communications. Barack Obama is expected to appoint Washington, D.C. lawyer Henry Rivera to head the team focused on the FCC, reports Multichannel News, quoting informed sources. Rivera, who is a Democrat, is a partner at Wiley, Rein, and served at the FCC from 1981 to 1985. Current FCC chairman Kevin Martin also worked at Wiley. Rivera declined to comment.
Separately, Obama has appointed Julius Genachowski, a former executive of Barry Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp, to help him choose members of his new administration, reports the Washington Post. Genachowski, who served at the FCC as chief counsel to former Chairman Reed Hundt, a Democrat, has already been active in Obama’s campaign by advising him on technology policies as chairman of the president-elect’s Tech & Innovation Plan. Genachowski’s appointment to the transition team could signal the prominence of high-tech policy in the new administration.
Staci adds: Genachowski is also being touted as a possible CTO if Obama adds the post. In addition to spending nearly a decade with Diller, he’s a co-founder of Rock Creek Ventures, a founding partner of LaunchBox Digital, and a special advisor to General Atlantic. That would be the same CTO slot Google’s Eric Schmidt is said to be interested in.