Firefox share at a record high

The browser war has always been of interest as Firefox has been making a push into our browsing lives for some time.  Microsoft has long enjoyed big numbers but the folks at Mozilla have continued to improve their browser which continues to capture the attention of the masses.  Word has come out recently that Firefox has reached a 20% market share in the browser war which is certainly big news in that space.  When you improve it, they will come seems to be the mantra with each new version of Firefox.

We have always watched the browser share at jkOnTheRun to keep tabs on what browser our visitors are using and perhaps because our audience is more technically savvy than some the Firefox share has always been consistently high.  Given the continued popularity of Firefox the percentage of our readers using it may not surprise some but it does us:


Yes, this shows that almost half of you readers are using Firefox which is a staggering number and by far the biggest share we’ve seen since we’ve been tracking this the past few years.  This chart apparently shows that Firefox 3.x is showing up as Firefox 1.x but it’s still a valid chart otherwise.