Mundu Mobile IM Keeps Me Connected

Mundu IMWhen I am in my office I am connected to most everyone I need to work with through some sort of Instant Messaging service. I find it convenient to be able to stay connected and have quick discussions.
It is outside of the office where things can get a bit tricky. I’ve never really been a fan of text messaging on my mobile phone. While it can work well for an occasional status update or a quick message, using it as a conversational tool has never seemed all that efficient to me. And while IM on the mobile phone exists, the challenge is the same as on the desktop, maintaining multiple accounts and programs that work with the various services I need.
Enter Mundu IM – a cross platform messaging client that helps keeps me connected on my mobile device.

Mundu IM works with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber which pretty much covers all the bases for me. The devices that it works with is also extensive. I had no issue downloading and installing on my Windows Smartphone and versions also exist for Pocket PC, Palm, Blackberry and Sony Ericsson. A beta release for iPhone is also available and Symbian is coming soon. I tested the Windows Smartphone version but features can vary by device so be sure to read the specifics about yours.
I find the Mundu interface to be clean and easy to navigate. There was a bit of setup time to get all the accounts entered and things set up how I wanted them, but after just a few minutes I was able to get familiar with how to accomplish most tasks. It really does a great job of giving me access to most if not all of the features I would have in each of these desktop clients.
Mundu IM - Quick textI particularly love the Quick text feature (right) which lets me quickly add full sentence responses with just a few keystrokes. The keyboard on my device is good but for frequently used items this is a great time saver.
On my Smartphone, I can stay connected even while on the phone or in another application which is great. I get notified when new messages come in or when folks log in or out. The cross conferencing feature lets me invite users from different IM services to conference in a single chat window. I can also send files and photos to any user I am connected to, as well as maintain an archive of conversations so I can review or act on them later.
The proliferation of devices with a keyboard is really pushing the adoption of mobile instant messaging, and with so many folks already used to the IM interface, getting others on board is easy. Obviously, you’ll want to either have an unlimited data plan or closely monitor your bandwidth to use this extensively. You just might be able to lower or lose your SMS plan though.
You can download a fully featured 5 day free trial of Mundu IM to see how well it works for you. If you like it, Mundu IM is a very affordable $11.00 – They call it a LifeTime use license but that price doesn’t include full version upgrades which may incur an additional upgrade charge.
Do you IM on your mobile? What do you use to stay connected?