Wi-Fi Consolidation Continues with Boingo Buy

[qi:___wifi] Boingo Networks, a Wi-Fi hotspot network, said today that it bought Opti-Fi Networks from Parsons Transportation Group and ARINC for an undisclosed amount. Opti-Fi builds and manages Wi-Fi networks for 25 North American airports. The deal means Boingo now operates 55 Wi-Fi networks in North American airports, and it follows last week’s $275 million buy of Wayport and its 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots by AT&T (s T).
AT&T’s buy highlighted the importance of Wi-Fi on consumer phones and laptops, and helped offload data from the carrier’s cellular network. This deal proves how the inclusion of  Wi-Fi on mobile phones and demand for ubiquitous broadband is making Wi-Fi networks a valuable asset. Seven years after being created by EarthLink founder Sky Dayton, Boingo may be seeing its worth bounce.