Nokia Siemens Networks Makes Deeper Cuts

nsn_logosmall The troubles in telecom continue as Nokia Siemens Networks plans to cut an additional 1,300 employees in Finland and Germany as part of an overall restructuring. According to today’s Wall Street Journal, the telecommunications equipment maker has cut about 6,000 workers and plans to lay off a total of about 9,000 before the restructuring is complete. NSN is a joint venture between Nokia Corp. (s NOK) and Siemens AG (s SI). Laid-off NSN employees won’t be alone, as workers throughout the communications value chain watch their jobs disappear — from those working at Freescale (s FSL) and ST-NXP Wireless to those at Nokia and Motorola (s MOTO). The industry and its employees have weathered downturns before, but it’s hard to watch it happen all over again.